Rex Reed, who insulted Melissa McCarthy's weight in a review, also once attacked Marlee Matlin's Oscar win.

Marlee Matlin gives Wendy Williams her best "how you doin'?"

Marlee Matlin was awarded the Media Advocacy Award today during the Welcome Ceremony. She was unable to attend and Linda Bove received the award on her behalf. Marlee sent a video to show during the Welcome Ceremony where she shares her passion for the NAD, advocacy, deaf rights, fighting for internet captioning, and her appreciation for everyone's hard work.
Marlee Matlin talks about being a role model for the deaf on this season of "Celebrity Apprentice."
Actress Marlee Matlin talks about her relationship with Henry Winkler and how he influenced her as an actress; her role in Spring Awakening and how it's an honor to be working with young, deaf performers.
This snippet shows Marlee Matlin discusses her American Sign Language app with Robin and how she wants to spread the beautiful language. Watch the full video on ABC. Download her app, Marlee Signs here:

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Joy Behar talks with Marlee Matlin about the fight between Gary Busey and NeNe Leakes at "Apprentice" finale party.

Spring Awakening on Broadway