The Scholz Team


The Scholz Team-- A lifestyle real estate team creating a culture defined by an unparalleled level of hospitality, service, and knowledge in an increasingly competitive New York City market. Collaboration is the guiding principle of the team, allowing clients to benefit from their different skill sets. The team values and appreciates their clients entrusting them with one of the largest investments they will make whether a rental, purchase or sale. 

The Scholz Team has recently repositioned the second largest residential transaction in the history of New York City. This $700 million acquisition, consisting of 24 buildings, is now valued at more than $1 billion in less than a year. This project allowed for the team to utilize their high level strategic marketing and design skills. The Scholz Team was heavily involved in all aspects of the new development process. Their roles as trusted advisors and top sales agents was a major contributing factor to the project’s success. 

With the New York real estate scene constantly evolving, The Scholz Team is always a step ahead. With years of established relationships and connections with trusted advisors, the team is able to obtain some of the most desirable listings before they even hit the market. Due to the fast pace of change, the real estate world has also become less predictable. The Scholz Team is comfortable with the chaos of New York City and they have learned to anticipate the unexpected. 

Not only does The Scholz Team thrive within NYC, but the team has created an extensive national and international outreach offering an executive relocation program in over 20 countries. The Scholz Connect Program works with executives and their families to guide with the entire transition process. Their services do not stop at the front door. 

The Scholz Team is passionate about social impact and donates a percentage of all transactions to Chashama, a NYC based art charity that partners with property owners to activate unused real estate for artists to develop, create, and present. 

The team represents clients from the penthouses of the Upper East Side, to the lofts of downtown, as well as the brownstones of Brooklyn and shorelines of the Hamptons.